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Let's "Flubaroo"!

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Create a self-grading quiz using Google Forms & Flubaroo!


The Magic of Doctopus

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Doctopus is a Google Chrome Extension. It provides teachers the opportunity to automatically create copies of shared documents and distribute them to students in Google Docs. 
As you get more comfortable with Google Docs and want to take your usage to the next level, install Doctopus! It can be found in the Extensions section of the Chrome Web Store. Let me know if you need help! 


This video is used with permission from the creator, Katie Grassel. Thank you, Katie!

Collaborative iPad Apps Article

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Teachers List the Very Best Apps for Turning  Your iPad Into a Collaborative Device

Excerpt from the article: We often read that there are 4 C's in a true 21st century education: critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation. The iPad is a success at engaging individual students in critical thinking and creativity, but how about collaboration? After all, tablets are consumer products, designed to be used by one person at a time, not by teams of students. It's up to teachers and instructional technologists to figure out how best to deploy them in the classroom in a way that supports project-based learning and fosters teamwork. We asked several teachers involved in iPad initiatives which apps they've had the most success with on the collaboration front. Here is what they told us.

Fighting Teacher Isolation with Technology Article

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Fighting Teacher Isolation With Technology
Excerpt from article: So what else can a busy teacher do? Build your own professional learning network and/or use virtual tools to facilitate your PLC's work, of course! This may seem like a daunting task, but fear not. Instead, check out these four free platforms and tools that can help you jumpstart your own professional learning.

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