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Who is Avra?

"Our staff is very diverse in terms of technology ability and confidence. Many of us are somewhat “tech shy” at first but have a strong desire to learn. Avra meets us where we are and helps us develop our skills at our pace. She encourages us to try new things and works hard not to push us too far so that we don’t become uncomfortable. Avra has new ideas all the time. She keeps up on what is going on in the educational technology world and make suggestions for activities that we can try in our classroom."
--Brenda Ryan
First Grade Teacher
Creston School

I have had the pleasure of working with Avra Robinson last year. I must say, that in all of my educational experience, in both Mendota and East Peoria, I have never met anyone as knowledgeable, motivated, and enthusiastic about incorporating technology into the classroom as she is. Last March 2014, she invited me to go to the Google conference with her up in the suburbs. She was so excited for staff members to be able to join her in attendance for this conference, as this would enhance our teaching skills in using Google Apps for Education within our classrooms. I have learned so much, because of Avra. She inspires and motivates me to be a better teacher. Even though we have only known each other for a year, she has made a huge impact on my teaching career. She is truly a remarkable person with a plethora of knowledge. Any school district would be honored to have her.
--Brooke Freeman
Sixth Grade Teacher
Creston School