Welcome to Avra's Tech Magic!

I am thrilled you are here!  I am a passionate educational technologist who loves to help others utilize technology to help students learn!  I am an Instructor & Director of Online Learning for EdTechTeacher, Inc

This website is always a work in progress.  However, you will find that it has links to a wide variety of training materials including online presentations, videos, and more.  
It also has links to my Google Trainer Application website, which details many of the training sessions I've created and conducted.  
Additionally, you can find my educational digital portfolio.
The portfolio details some of the learning opportunities I've created for students and teachers, linking them to the ISTE NETS for Teachers.

Online Presentations:

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Avra's Flipped in Time Website 
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"Technology, Learning, and Chromebooks in the Elementary Classroom"
by Avra Robinson